I’ve noticed that God specializes in turning our predictable lives upside down. Just when I get hunkered down in a comfortable rut, something that feels cataclysmic shakes me. In retrospect, I’ve been blessed by those shake-ups, and have grown because of them, but they certainly were not comfortable at the time. I’m entering one of those periods of turbulence now, and so, for comfort, I’ve been contemplating Mary and Joseph.thunderstorm-567678_640

When I really think about those two, I’m astonished at the turbulent events that shook their predictable world. Sweet young Mary, pregnant without being married first rocked their world. Kind Joseph, loving her enough to want to protect her from harm even though he no longer wanted to marry her, suddenly visited by an angel in a dream and told to marry her anyway. Then, the long hard journey to Bethlehem on a donkey and on foot while “great with child,” having to give birth in a stable, being visited by strangers who knew about Jesus without any human birth announcements. These events make the most major upheaval in my life seem like blips in the road. They had to flee for their lives in the middle of the night and go, again on foot and donkey, to live in a foreign country. They survived all these events. Perhaps they needed these major shake-ups in order to grow into the parents Jesus needed.

All their traumas make me feel like a wimp and help me buck up. Even my minor little hurricanes can be borne and will yield blessing and growth not available any other way. Praise God for turning my predicable, safe and comfortable life upside down at unpredictable intervals!

Have a blessed day rejoicing in the turbulence of the past that made room for unexpected growth and surprising blessings.

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