A man-tumbled rock, an ocean-tossed stone
Both knock about and are worn smooth as bone
Battered and buffed, they’re treated quite rough
For these stones, it seems, life has been tough.
But instead of being all scratched up and scarred,

Look at them closely, they surely aren’t marred
Rolling and bruising has rubbed their rough mold
And daily made them more pleasant to hold.


Can stones reflect what God’s love has planned?
His kindness the ocean, life’s trouble the sand?
What will He see when before Him we stand?
Can hearts be made holy when bruised by this sand?

For we, too, are tumbled in life’s major storms,
Sorrows and troubles in all of their forms
Batter and buff us, we’re treated quite rough,
Most folks would agree that life can be tough.
Look at our pain. We’re scratched up and scarred.
Hearts torn and broken, hardened and marred.

But give God permission, say, “YES”, please begin
To heal, sooth, and mend all the hurts caused by sin.
Forgive all who’ve hurt us, give up pride and start
Trusting Him only; He’ll polish each heart.
He knows all about us, he once wore our skin
Hearts are made holy when given to Him.

2015 Cascades sticker

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