This website is in the process of redesign. I’ve studied business books to find a better way and a better name for this site. Along the way I discovered a startling fact about Jesus.

Jesus created “Buzz

The business book, Contagious, by Jonah Berger, outlines ways to create “buzz,” by causing one on one conversations. People like to be in the know. They like to pass on tidy tidbits that other people haven’t discovered yet. Like the startling Jesus of Nazareth more than two thousand years ago.

Jesus did and said amazing, unheard of things. People couldn’t stop talking about him. They wanted to see for themselves if the news was true. They flocked to hear him, to see him, to touch him and to have him touch them. Negative publicity from officials only increased the public clamor to meet Jesus. News from people who were healed by Jesus spread like wildfire. Talk about buzz!

Jesus is Still Amazing

Jesus is still amazing. The truth about Jesus is startling, astounding, and life changing. Why don’t we talk about him? I’m speaking about myself and most of the Christians I know. Why do we act like our life altering faith is something to be embarrassed about? Why do we hide the fact that we have been changed by Jesus? Why do we allow our Politically Correct Culture to silence us? If we don’t cry out, the very rocks will. (Luke 19:40) We are witnesses. We cannot keep silent.

My challenge to myself and to anyone else, who, like me, keeps a silent witness to the power of the cross: look for opportunities to become visible, vocal witnesses. Jesus is buzz worthy. Jesus is still AMAZING.

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