2015_03_01-162048_250I love sipping hot cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream as the day dawns. I sit curled on the sofa in my robe, with my Bible and prayer journal open, and everyone else in my house sleeps. I love listening to the birds wake up and watching the sun rise.  In cold weather, I switch on the gas fireplace and watch the flames dance in the dark room before turning on a light so I can see to read and write. The snippets of insight I share with you generally come during this peaceful time alone with God.

Although it is totally uncool, I’m a traditional homemaker who enjoys playing with grandchildren, baking cookies, keeping the family financial records in order, reading, and writing. I don’t much like cleaning, but I love to sew, especially baby quilts. I’m not much of a gardener. Lettuce and radishes elude me, but I do manage to produce fruit: peaches, cherries, raspberries, plums, blueberries and apples.

I love walking in nature, watching for wildlife along the way. Even in our urban area, I spot a beaver in the creek once in a while. Crackling through fall leaves on blue sky days with the glowing colors in the dwindling canopy above makes me smile. I don’t mind slogging through puddles in my boots while rain pat-a-pats on my parka hood. I really hate walking on slippery ice, but crunching through fresh snow on a starlit night is heavenly.

My husband and I have eight grandchildren, all under the age of five, and a big yellow lap dog otherwise known as a Labrador retriever.  Our 40+ year marriage is a loving partnership built on trust and a deep, abiding faith in Jesus, our Savior.

The name, Cardinal-Sound comes from the tradition of Cardinal Virtues (http://home.southernct.edu/~cassoj2/character.htm) and sound moral principles. Truth, as revealed in the Holy Bible and nourished by the Holy Spirit, provides a foundation for the thoughts and ideas I share. Thank you for coming in to meet me.

Jane Ellen Reid

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